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Did that just happen? Fit On Click Corporate Carnival concluded on the 13th of December as we witnessed 800 employees putting on their corporate colors and playing their hearts out all in a span of 8 days. The event took place in 2 separate venues; football tournament was held at the Koora Dome, Al Wasl while the 8 other sports were competed at Dubai Stars, Al Mizhar.  

The stage was set for the 6th of December, our participants were all geared up, the officials in black, supporters could not stop cheering their teams and the venue looked more colorful than ever. Cricket was the first sport that kicked off and soon after Basketball, Volleyball, Table Tennis and Football followed. The venue was buzzing, with players and supporters of various nationalities, just giving us a glimpse of how diverse is the country we reside in. There was something for everyone at the event, as some supporters and participants indulged in VR Cricket while they waited for their games to commence. Meanwhile some preferred to kick back with a fresh croissant and a coffee as they enjoyed the other matches taking place. The kids got to dig in free ice creams while their parents checked out some latest collection of perfumes. While some of our favourite companies like Kul, The Discounter App and Fixermen were handing out some mouthwatering discounts and vouchers. Truly a wholesome carnival for all employees and families to attend and take part in.

Smaller sports like Chess, Carrom and our newest edition Strongest Corporate Man organised with the help of the former Strongest Athlete of UAE as 12 Men from different companies had the opportunity to showcase their strengths through various challenges like Truck Pull, Log Lift and Stone Carry which initiated towards the latter days of the carnival. Everything was getting built up for the finale day where 8 of the 9 sports were contesting their finals. A nervous couple of hours for our participants but making it till the finale days was an achievement within itself, emotions went high as players were now competing to win as there was everything to play for. It was truly a spectacle to witness all these corporate teams participating. 

Competition went through the roof, as participants were battling tooth and nail just to have a chance of lifting the trophy for their company. Their colleagues, friends and family all turned up in numbers to show their full support for the players and companies. Noise levels around all the grounds were astronomical as this event brought together people from various backgrounds and companies under the same roof with the love of sports being the common denominator.

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