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Inter Corporate Sports tournaments have become a rather common trend among various countries. Especially in the United Arab Emirates where the government not only supports the importance of Corporate Wellness but also advocates it. Now the question arises as to how much these sports tournaments actually contribute to employee wellness.

The idea of inter-corporate sports tournaments is to bring together various companies under one roof where they compete against one another in one or multiple sports events. Winning such tournaments not only brings a sense of bragging rights but also generate attractive cash prizes and trophies. These competitions also provide an opportunity for the companies to network among other brands and corporates. 

Company’s Cut 

Competitions like these, bring forward a gateway for the employees as they escape from their day to day corporate routine to indulge in something they are passionate about. This not only improves their quality of life but is also scientifically proven to help induce creativity. All these benefits ultimately help the corporates in the long run as the employees are healthier, more creative and motivated. We all know employees are the greatest asset of any organization!

The need for Employee engagement programmes has skyrocketed in the past decade. Glassdoor research shows that 53% of the employees are confident that they can find a comparable or a better position in case they decide to leave their current one. In this age of high staff turnover, employee engagement is the direction to go.     

The Domino Effect 

A lot of companies may raise an issue that only a limited number of players are allowed to represent their corporate and only those individuals actually get to play and compete in such tournaments. Limitations like these can be countered if companies portray the importance of such tournaments within their organization vocally through social media or internal communications, this can bring forward the perfect ripple effect.   

Now how does this affect work, when corporate plays in a tournament say XYZ a medium-sized company, is playing a football tournament. Only 15 players will get to represent XYZ, but over 100 employees are actually interested in playing this tournament. Most of them may have played the sport when they were young or would be still playing it with their mates and just the idea of them being able to represent something like their brand or their corporate in playing a sport they love would entice them. This would lead them to psychologically, turning it up a notch and would start putting on their football boots more often. These employees will be constantly trying to improve themselves as a player in order to get selected for this tournament or for the ones to come in the future.    

Not just for the players 

When such corporate tournaments occur, there are a lot of co-workers who come in to encourage their team. Sometimes a major corporate executive comes in to support their company. All this really creates a sense of belonging. As in they are a part of something bigger than them and more importantly they are not alone. Irrespective of the team winning or losing this leaves a residual value for the players and the spectators which bring forward healthy conversations at the workplace and this sense of belonging reciprocates into a kind of loyalty towards a brand or a corporate which spreads like wildfire through the offices.  

When companies like XYZ, invest in such tournaments whether win or lose the employees always come out happier and motivated. Participation in tournaments like these really makes the employees feel that the company is investing in them and really want their employees to grow and have fun while doing so rather than just work, work, and work. All in all these tournaments are a great way to build employee morale and to improve loyalty. 

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