Cricket Rules

The perfect combination of action indoor cricket & outdoor field cricket!

Indoor Cricket. The only indoor cricket with outdoor rules in town.

Indoor Hard Ball (Synthetic Ball)

8 Playing in a team.

Last Man is allowed to bat.

The pitch will be 20 yards; and the batsman while batting will run the full pitch length for scoring a run.

Throw bowling Or Underarm Bowling is not allowed. It will be a no-ball and the

Umpire will give max 2 warnings after which the bowler will have to be changed.

Wide/No-Balls would be an extra ball to be bowled with 1 run given to the batting team.

No runs for byes / leg byes.


1. Bowled

2. Catch Out

3. Run-Out

4 .Stumping

5. Hit Wicket

LBW is not out, Unless the batsman has not offered any short and the ball
destined to hit the stumps pitched in line with the wickets, its given OUT

If the ball hits the roof, and the fielder is able to catch it directly after rebound,
that will be considered CATCH OUT.

If the ball hits the roof (nets or basketball net) and then hits the side nets,
after which a catch is taken, it will be considered as NOT out.


1. 4 Runs/6 Runs, when hitting the boundary (indirectly/directly).

2. Scoring by running the full length of the pitch.

3. 2 Runs Declared if the ball hits on the side nets after the bowling end stumps.

4. The batsmen could also run and score a third run over and above the 2
declared runs. However, they could be run out in such a scenario with 2
declared runs staying in the kitty of the batting team.

5. Runs can be scored on Overthrows.


1. When a bowler bowls a no ball (overstepping, Full toss above the waist and pitched the ball which raises above the shoulder), in the immediate next ball the batsman cannot be ruled out in any dismissal modes other than those applicable for a no- ball, namely run out, handled the ball, hit the ball twice and obstructing the field.

2. The fielding team is not allowed to change the field on the free hit ball.

Power Play:

1. Mandatory Power play overs will be 2nd and 7th over for each innings.

2. Fielding restriction will be in place with a 4-1-1 rule

3. 4 fielders inner box (Between non-striker’s end and striker’s end)

4. 1 fielder at mid-on / mid-off

5. 1 fielder at Long-on / Long-off


All players compulsorily should wear sports attire. Comfortable sports shoes is a must.

Cricket Kit

1. Hard balls will be provided for each game by the organizers.

2. Cricket bats will also be available at Dubai Stars, but it is highly recommended each team bring their own cricket bats which they are comfortable playing with.

3. Wicket Keeping Gloves are allowed, and the team needs to bring their own gloves.

4. We recommend you to carry your own batting gloves for hygienic reasons.

5. Abdominal guards are mandatory.

Team Building and Sportsmanship are at the core.